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1. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park ranked at this number for the most-visited in the US for 2014?
A. 12th
B. 9th
C. 11th
D. 23rd

2. The Akron Marathon is now the signature event of this new series?
A. Rubber City Race Series
B. Akron’s Rubber Race Series
C. Race Series Akron
D. Rubber Hits the Road Series

3. What anniversary is Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens celebrating in 2015?
A. 200th
B. 50th
C. 100th
D. 125th

4. What is the name of Ohio’s largest indoor climbing facility?
A. Summit Cliffs
B. Kendall Cliffs
C. Stone Cliffs
D. Kenmore Cliffs

5. What ranking did the PGA give the World Golf Championships Bridgestone Invitational in 2014?
A.  11th
B. 10th
C. 1st
D. 100th

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