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Ohio Wineries Getaway

1. What Ohio river valley is home to over 70 of all the winegrapes grown in Ohio?
A. The Grand River Valley
B. The Ohio River Valley
C. The Maumee River Valley

2. What one white vinifera grape variety is most widely planted in the northeast corner of the state?
A. Vidal Blanc
B. Cabernet Sauvignon
C. Riesling

3. What is the name of the new wine  and  culinary center in Geneva?
A. Ohio Wine  and  Food Complex
B. Windows on Pairings, Ohio''s wine  and  Culinary Experience
C. Cornucopia, a celebration of Ohio wine  and  food

4. What Ohio university branch offers a two-year degree in viticulture [grape growing]  and  enology [wine making]?
A. Ohio University at Lancaster
B. Kent State University at Ashtabula
C. Bowling Green near Sandusky

5. What is the name of one special event coordinated by the wineries along the Wines  and  Vines Trail in northeast Ohio?
A. Spring Fling
B. Deck the Wreath
C. Chocolate is for Lovers

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